As a Motion Design Intern at PSYOP, I was part of a Establishment for the Greater Good (EGG) team to help create a PSA for Against Malaria Foundation. This PSA raises awareness of the horrors of malaria and the inexplensive and simple solution to save millions of lives.

I worked on a team of 8 students with exemplary skills in 2D & 3D animations. Alongside the EGG team, we were mentored by PSYOP's finest! Thank you, Pakorn Bupphavesa and Ave Carrillo, for the opportunity to work on this extraordinary piece.
Special thanks to Susan Sarandon for lending her voice and helping the cause!
I personally worked on the shots after the bite until the disease smashes into the liver and the skull vomiting shot. I ran many simulations and for the liquid dripping and liver explosion, using Realflow and Cinema 4D. The skull was animated using After Effects and the vomit was textured in Photoshop. 
Process work coming soon!
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